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Phoenix Marie banged by the officer

Real wife stories is back with another hottie! Phoenix Marie was out in town with her friends and while she went to talk with a guy who started to buy her drinks her friends left her there without paying the bill. She refused to pay it and after making a huge scene the manager decided to call the police to take care of her. She managed to get herself arrested and ended up spending the night in jail. She called up her husband to come and bail her out but he was nowhere to be found. She got even more mad and the police officer been trying to calm her down.

While he’s been asking her questions she started complaining to him about her marriage and her crappy sex life, saying that she’s not getting enough cock and this makes her mad all the time. Since the officer was alone in the police office, he decided to give her a hand of help and exposed his big cock. She started sucking his big hard cock and then he shoved his cock deep inside her wet pussy and gave her a good fuck. Go to and watch horny babes getting fucked while having trips on a boat!


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